The Mandala Way

An Introduction for Beginners: a Gateway to the World of Mandalas

New!   The “Mandala Way” in english!

The Mandala Way is a breathtakingly beautiful album. It is also a comprehensive guide to the magical and extensive world of mandalas.

Eitan Kedmy offers a substantial book of rare quality on the world of mandalas, the result of six years of practical and theoretical research and study.

The book includes the following chapters: an introduction detailing the cultural and spiritual history of the mandala; instructions on creating a mandala and the analysis and understanding of mandalas. The book explores the energetic and spiritual qualities of the mandala, from a therapeutic, emotional, and developmental perspective. The work is illustrated throughout with images of gorgeous mandalas.

The book The Mandala Way is highly recommended to readers interested in mandalas, therapists seeking an intriguing therapeutic tool, and artists who want to explore the inner message of their work. It is also a wonderful gift album for a loved one.

Price ( delivery to all countries is included): $60