Mandala Workshops

In his mandala creation workshops, Eitan teaches the “mandala way” method for the creation and understanding of mandalas including techniques, shapes, meanings, colors, and more. The participants also learn how to create classic mandalas, such as the Shri Yantra.

Another of Eitan’s workshops takes place in nature, and deals with mandalas inspired by the natural world and designed using materials from the surrounding environment.

The workshops are between one day and a few days in length; some are aimed at the general public, some at experienced makers of mandalas.

“To Eitan,

Unfortunately, today we reach the last session in the workshop. You have changed my life. I spend the day thinking mandalas: I find them everywhere, from inanimate objects to fruits, vegetables, and so on. I wake up with them and I go to sleep with them… I have become more and more entranced by them from class to class. From one day to the next, I have been looking forward to the sessions impatiently. I have been swept away, and I am still as if intoxicated. Finally, I have allowed myself to devote a number of hours every day to this pleasure. I enjoy every minute of it, both the process of drawing and the final result. I find myself calmer, more connected to myself, and I now have a much better understanding of myself. I have learnt to accept myself with love. It’s been a great privilege to know you. I hope we can continue to meet and have fun together.