Mandala Ceremonies

Most tribal ceremonies were conducted in the form of a circle. Circles of dance, song and prayer symbolized the relationship between man, nature and God. Acts of creativity performed in a circle invite us to relate, connect, open, share and love. The ceremony, like the mandala, has a center: the house, the couple or the person – and a circle of people who come to offer their blessings. The blessings are colored in different shades, woven and intertwined together to create the mandala.

We continue this tradition, and offer shared mandala creating as part of life’s many ceremonies:

housebless mandala

House Blessing Ceremony

A ceremony intended to bless the new house, making it a place of warmth, comfort and growth – just like the mandala. The mandala is constructed from seeds and spices. At the end of the ceremony, the guests are invited to bless the house owners, and the seeds are gathered into a container to be sown into the land surrounding the house, so that they grow and enrich the domestic environment.

birthday mandala

Birthday Mandala

Creating a birthday mandala from sand at the beach is a fun activity for everyone.

The guests create a mandala reflecting their blessings and best wishes. During the winter, the ceremony can be performed in the home.

anniversary mandala

Anniversary Mandala

An anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to renew the vows that unite a couple, by creating a mandala that reflects their bond. The couple write down words expressing their love on paper, and these are then transcribed within the mandala. The mandala is then decorated with crayons and colored pencils. At the end of the ceremony, the contents of the mandala are read aloud.

mandala for bachelorette party

Mandala for Bachelorette Party

The guests create a mandala from natural ingredients, such as flowers, leaves, seeds and spices, to bless the bride-to-be with fertility, joy and acceptance, and prepare her soul for the task of home making.

mandala for Bar Mitzva

Mandala for Bar/Bat Mitzva

Parents and children join together to have fun creating a mandala. Using crayons, pencils, childhood photographs, shiny hearts other materials they express their heartfelt wishes for the Bar or Bat Mitzva.